A KSS Report helps you Migrate Successfully to New Zealand

Your Kiwi Success Score gives you a good indication how successful you will be with seeking employment in New Zealand, and obtaining visas for work and/or residence.

By blending advice from the premier career/brand firm in New Zealand with eligibility assessments from licensed immigration advisers, you receive valuable information that helps you position yourself for your career move to New Zealand.

With a 'poor' KSS report score, you would re-visit your plans to invest time and effort into migration to New Zealand, until your circumstances have changed.

With a 'good/very good' KSS report score, you would proceed with creating the best circumstances for your new employment - and then apply for work and residence visas.

There is always an opportunity to do better, and the KSS report tells you where to best invest your efforts, to make yourself as appealing as possible for a new life in New Zealand.

Get Your KSS Report in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Complete the KSS Expression of Interest form, to give us the information we need to assess your migration opportunities for New Zealand.

If we believe there is a migration opportunity for you, possibly with some work to still be done on your CV and/or eligibility for immigration to New Zealand, we will send you an Invitation to Purchase a KSS report.

If we believe a KSS report would be wasteful in your situation, we will advise you.


Step 2

Complete the KSS Invitation to Purchase agreement and pay via our payment portal.

You can pay for your KSS Report via Credit Card or direct bank transfer, from anywhere worldwide. For clients in New Zealand, we add GST automatically.

A KSS Report is NZ$475 (+GST if applicable). You receive a tax invoice/receipt with your KSS report.

Step 3

Review your KSS Report and consider the recommendations, both for your presentation, CV, or branding as well as for the various pathways to obtain work visas and residence visas in New Zealand. A KSS report takes about 5-7 days to prepare and email to you.

The professional advisers at MyCareerBrand and the licensed immigration advisers at Barclays Lloyds Ltd are available for additional work with you.

"I thought my CV was quite nice - but then I worked with the recommendations, and it made a huge difference.

My point calculation for NZ residence was way off, and I would have been in trouble without this advice."